Thursday, 27 June 2013

Once Upon A Time.

Dear You,

I met my husband not officially on 2003 when I was 18. Young, innocent and virgin. Why i said not officially because we were actually a classmate in matriculation college.

One year in matriculation college, I cant remember him much except I know that his name is Ahmad Fauzan. If I am not mistaken he always sit at the back with his friends.

5 years later, in 2008 we met again as 'a friend'. Not much changes, I am still young at the age of 23 and still virgin. Well, I just finished my study and pursued my post graduate program in UiTM.

Things that we loved the most is we discoverd so many hidden stories about us. We never realized that we were always went to the same group, class, place etc etc. Allah did plan the best yet we cant see it at that time.

In few months we get to know each others. Everything is very fast! End up we agreed to go to the serious relationship. The next level means, the challenges is super extreme! Well, an army girlfriend what you expecting it will be.

Dating every weekend, watching movies on friday eve, sms and have a phone call 24/7? This is not a heaven. 

Being an army girlfriend means, I must understand and agree that I am not his no. 1. His duty, his officers, his military operation, his roll call, his bla bla bla is the priority. Like or not, I must obey the rules.

Long distance relationship, independent, being alone is the keyword of the rest of my life. When my friends asked my opinions, I would say that it was a learning process to live with him. Not much worries just go with the flow.

Difficulties? Sometime, yes it have. Depends on how I managed them. He trained me physically and mentally almost 5 years before we are getting married.

I walked alone most of the times, I hold my own hands when I worried or afraid of something, I lost contact with him 2 weeks and I cried every nights, I cant live w/out my mobile phone just to wait for one sms from him everyday.

Sounds tough? No lah. This is the bread and butter of my life. I pray hard for him, for us and for my strength. When I see myself, everytime I feel hard and bad, I should see his mother. A strong women.



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