Saturday, 15 June 2013


Dear You,

Life is too short to waste. When 'we' agree to get married, there is one thing pop out from my mind.. 'The Power of Mind Setting'. He trained me for 3 years and half of friendship, 11 months of engagement and untill then we get married. 

I believed that I cant easily saying that numbers are close enaugh to fit me into LDR. However, I mentally and physically prepared for any uncircumstances. Well said, this is what I choose, what I want and what I wanted to be..

I Eat.

I Pray.
and I Love.

Living as a newly wedding is always showered by joys and happiness. One year of marriage I consider as newly wedding because we are LDR. Rarely seen each others, weekend husband and wife, live independently and etc.

That's why, 'The Power of Mind Setting' is really important to let me enjoy my marriage without any complains. 


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