Sunday, 16 June 2013

3 years and half of friendship

Dear You,

This is the longest period of 'steady relationship' that I ever been go through, 3 years and half. I am so grateful, with the patience and courage finally we found the date for our engagement.

Fine. 3 years and half period of friendship have so many stories to remember. Ups and downs, laughs and tears, sadness and happiness, etc. I would say that, these are part and parcels of our lifes.

Well, apart so many things there are 1 thing that I always remember for the rest of my life is 'we never declared ourself as bf-gf' like any other couples. We used to be friends, love birds and yes, proposed by him to be his wife. 

I am not sure, how confident I am during that time and YES when I become his friends I rejected my ex (break up before I met my husband) and closed my heart to any other guys. I said to myself that he is 'maybe' the one otherwise NO.

Luckily we have a chemistry to get serious in our relationship. No spesific date and romantic proposal to be his gf. We skip that part already. HAHA!

I think I may blog my experiences on how he trained me mentally and physically to ensure that I prepared enough to live in LDR. I warned you, arent easy to be me.

Just chill-lah! Wink.


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