Thursday, 4 July 2013

Be Positive.

When I asked myself 'How Do I Survived Now' is by always be positive. I used to remind myself that my blood type is Be Positive instead of O. Hihi.

When I send a positive message to myself, everything will be fine Insya Allah. There is NO SECRET or POWERFUL SPELLS to stay strong and survive except the power of mind setting..

Always be positive, think positive, talk positive and stay with positive people. Arent easy but worth trying in order to stay strong and have a great relationship with someone who really love.

LDR as a bf gf, fiance fiancee and husband wifey is totally different. The feelings, the pains, the true love, the trust, the most important thing is you will definitely miss your other half (husband and wifey only). Hihi..

Never saying that marriage is all about sex! Sex is part of them or a piece of them. The rest is all about a new family, a new responsibilities and get to know each others well. Bad things and good things. 

What ever happens between us, we sit and discuss. We manage to handle everything so far professionally. Well actually most of the time via skype, tango, whatsapp, wechat.. Well, it works for us. Alhamdulillah.

Thus, Be Positive. Be Positive. Be Positive.

Thank you, Husband. I ❤ You so much.